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FOX News
Dec 4, 2012 2:00pm PST
staying on it, on our side. you saw the navy seal saying thank you to fox. we have done it. we have done our share. i think we have only missed two or three day since september 11 covering the story. but this really comes down to the justice department. justice department not investigating this the way they didn't investigate fast and furious. it's a problem. you know, dan ab says history will show. hope history doesn't show. current and present time people dig in and find out what happened and we expose them. there won't be a movie about benghazi. it won't happen. >> greg: why is that? if this was president bush you'd scream bloody merd. >> there was a terrible process of vetting a statement that susan rise got. i think the dni was responsible for that. the 94-word statement. communication screw up but the reason there is not a lot of news about it, there is no news about it. no new evidence or anything. hearing on capitol hill and petraeus talk about it. is there anything new in the last month? >> andrea: that is the story. the story is it's buried and before a presidential electi
FOX News
Dec 17, 2012 2:00pm PST
on fox and friends. what stuck out for you? how do you decide to tell the story? >> your stories are just as important but what stood out for me is what the teachers did and the principal did. i understand navy seals are trained to act like this. i still am in awe how they act under pressure and put their welfare aside for somebody else. when you have a 27-year-old teacher who has never been shot at before you image seeing a bunch of first graders hiding in the closet. a class has been wiped out across the hall. that gunman comes into her classroom and she has her kids hiding in the closet she tells the gunman go down to the hall. where are the kids? the kids are down in the auditorium. all of a sudden six kids panic and they run out of the closet at which time according to reports she dives in front of those kids takes their bullets. the kids also lose their lives. one of those kids was buried today. where did that come from the heroism. where that comes from as a teacher is pure instinct, fearlessness. the principal there's a gunman in the hall. they don't run they run at the g
FOX News
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
zero. the founders when they instituted the republic had zero income tax. they taxed, excised customs. they exercised transactions. they taxed transactions. if for two reasons. to achieve certain economic end like protectionism and secondly, to raise enough to raise a navy, et cetera. they never had a conception of a fair idea. tithing to the church is a fairness issue. that's where you give willingly, you give out of conviction and you give in a moral way. taxation is simply a question of how much are you spending, how are you going to get it? >> here is the other side. constitution obviously has it in there that the government, federal government has a right to beings that, all right? it doesn't define it any clearer than that. it just has a right to do it it? >> after 120 years. >> it's in there. the government has a right to tax and the liberal obama administration and both charles and i agree that it probably is the most liberal administration ever in the united states. they say, look, we are elected. the folks elected us and we haven't hidden our agenda of elevating all
FOX News
Dec 10, 2012 2:00pm PST
beach, california, also mother of five. was known for speaking frankly with the public about her personal struggles. she sold estimated 15 million records worldwide. she was 43 years old. the other person is a navy seal. 28-year-old petty officer first class nicolas check from pennsylvania. member of seal team six and killed over the weekend? the rescue mission in afghanistan. which successly freed an american doctor who had been kidnapped by the taliban. godspeed to them both. >> bob: absolutely. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: well didn't cover it on five five, which surprises me -- on "the five" which surprises me. a report was out we covered 40,000 -- we created 140,000 new jobs. the obama recovery is roaring and we are going have a great couple three years. >> dana: how many people left the workforce >> bob: i have no idea. >> dana: why does it matter? that's why the unemployment rate went down. >> bob: you are all so pessimistic be. upbeat. >> dana: be honest. >> greg: the new jobs are elves. >> eric: 73% of all new jobs -- >> bob: this is my segment. >> dana: you started it. >>
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)